I am ready to transcend the desire to have my worthiness, my value, affirmed by external circumstances and other people. This is one of the greatest causes of my suffering, anxiety and giving my power away. My value is equal to everyone else's value; we are all of One. I have no control over, nor do I want control over, other people's feelings, even feelings towards me. I am not afraid. Someone else's feelings cannot hurt me. I alone choose my emotions. Using my energy to imagine that I know anyone else's experience is no longer where I am sending my creative power. My focus is strengthening, clarifying and rising to a higher purpose. I am healing and I am a powerful creative magnetic force of ABUNDANCE. Every breath I take is with gratitude and awareness. How grand it feels to breathe and be ALIVE! Every thought is towards the intention of healing, balance and the infinite source of prosperity. Every action is in LOVE, with intention, clarity and deliberation. I am growing stronger in all layers, moment by moment. Where ever I go, I facilitate healthy, positive growth, assisting in the integration of tiny currents of energy, moving into a very powerful River of Life! Great Spirit, please assist me in healing by offering my signs of how to better serve my greater purpose and the most conscious Loving version of myself. Aho! 🌒❤️🌘