All is One, right? In my experience, my life has blossomed into such a magic, beautiful flow. I am connecting with sound on a deeper level. It is one of the greatest, most powerful tools for shifting vibration. When I feel the stuck feeling of tension that rises from fear, rooted beneath a cloak of "boundary", I can return to LOVE, to a state of All-One, to coherence, to heart space. Sometimes this feed impossible and I feel SO stuck, and I feel ANGER. Beneath this anger is FEAR, ALWAYS. Fear of autonomy, nearly always. Yet, I realize we are ALL ONE, so it is not possible for me to lose my freedom. The perceived perpetrator IS ME. We are not separate. Therefore, I cannot lose anything to anyone. 

We can have different opinions on what is the meaning of different crystals, what songs mean, what is religious, etc. if you have a different feeling of what is true, than what is true for me, I don't need to go into fear that you will try and change me. It doesn't matter how strong your communication is, even if YOU get angry that I don't agree. This is a big trigger for me: I feel tense and afraid when the energy becomes tense. I am afraid of you trying to control me...However, :::I::: am in control of me, not you. You cannot control me and my mind, no matter what. So what am I really afraid of? This fear is separation. I cannot hold the vibration of fear and LOVE at the same time. I can LOVE no matter what. The only limitation is my mind and my body, limited in a pattern of fear. So, what to do? Raise my vibration! Sound! Sing! Chant! Play music! Write! Talk! Let it FLOW 💕